Privacy Policy
1.1 Current Privacy Policy uses the following definitions:
1.1.1. «Website Administration» — staff members responsible for the website management, acting on behalf of SP Fedotovoi A.S., who organize or perform the processing of data, personal data content legible for processing, and the actions performed with the personal data.
1.1.2. «Personal data» - any information regarding a person which can be identified directly or indirectly (subject of personal data).
1.1.3. «Processing of personal data» — any action or sequence of actions performed with personal data using automatization devices or no such devices, including gathering, record, systematization, collection, storage, clarification (update, alteration), extraction, use, transmit, blocking, deleting, destruction of personal data.
1.1.4. «Personal data confidentiality» — an obligatory requirement for the Website Administration or other person with access to personal data to prevent the spreading of personal data without consent given by the subject of personal data or other legal basis.
1.1.5. «Website» — automated information system, a combination of webpages united by a common topic, design and an interconnected system of links located in the Internet on the domain (
1.1.6. «Website user» or User — a person with access to the Website through the Internet.
1.1.7. «Cookies» — a small data fragment sent by the Website and kept on User's computer, which is sent to the web server in HTTP-request by web client or web browser every time there's an attempt to open a webpage of the Website.
1.1.8. «IP address» — a unique web address given to the node in compute mesh built according to IP protocol.

2.1. By using this resource, the User is agreeing to present Privacy Policy and User's personal data processing conditions.
2.2. If a disagreement to the terms of Privacy Policy occurs, the User must terminate using this Website.
2.3. Present Privacy Policy applies only to the Website, which does not control or have responsibility over third party's websites, which are accessible to the User through links placed on this Website.
2.4. Website Administration does not prove the credibility of personal data provided by the User.

3.1. Present Privacy Policy establishes the obligations placed on Website Administration concerning nondisclosure and protection system management which applies to the confidentiality of personal data provided by the User upon request from Website Administration during registration or request for an item purchase.
3.2. Personal data permitted to process under present Privacy Policy are provided by the User by filling out the registration form on the Website and include the following information:
3.2.1. e-mail address;
3.2.2. User's phone number;
3.2.3. User's name;
3.2.4. the line of work performed by the User;
3.2.5. User's city;
3.2.6. the name of the company, on behalf of which the User acts.
3.3. The Website protects Personal data transmitted through request for an item purchase or visiting the webpages that have an active system statistics script:
IP address;
Cookies data;
Browser data (or data from any other system providing the access to advertising display);
Time of access;
Webpage address that has an active statistics script;
Previous webpage address.
3.3.1. Disabling the cookies may lead to inaccessibility of certain parts of the Website, which require authorization.
3.3.2. The Website gathers statistics containing IP-addresses of the Users. This information is used to detect and solve possible technical issues.
3.4. Any personal data not mentioned above (purchases history, used browsers and OS, etc.) is subject to secure storage and nondisclosure, unless a case stated in p. 5.2 and 5.3 of present Privacy Policy occurs.

4.1. Personal data of the User may be used by the Website Administration with following purposes:
4.1.1. identification of the User registered on the Website;
4.1.2. registration of a purchase request;
4.1.3. granting the User access to personalized resources of the Website;
4.1.4. establishing feedback to the User, including notifications, requests and information letters by e-mail and mailing services concerning use of the Website, services, processing of inquiries and requests made by the User, informing the User of product items;
4.1.5. defining the User's location for security reasons and fraud prevention;
4.1.6. сonfirming the credibility and completeness of Personal data provided by the User;
4.1.7. creating an account if the User has agreed to creating an account;
4.1.8. informing the User about the purchase request status;
4.1.9. providing the User with effective client and technical support in case of issues connected with Website use;
4.1.10. providing the User (if consent is given) with information on product updates, prices, special offers, newsletter and other topics on behalf of the Website and Website partners;
4.1.11. granting the User access to services and websites of the Website's partners with the purpose of product, update and service distribution.

5.1. Processing of User's personal data is performed with no time limit through any legal means, including personal data information systems with the use of automation devices or no such devices.
5.2. The User agrees to Website Administration transmitting personal data to third parties including delivery services, postal organizations, electric communication operators exclusively with the purpose of completing the User's purchase request which involves product delivery.
5.3. The User's personal data may be transmitted:
5.3.1. To authorized governmental body of the Russian Federation only on the grounds and in the way specified by the Russian Federaton law;
5.3.2. For protection of rights and legal interests of the Seller in case of violation of the previous agreements made with the User.
5.4. In case of loss or disclosure of the personal data Website Administration informs the User of such loss or disclosure.
5.5. Website Administration takes management and technical measures needed for the protection of the User's personal data from unlawful or accidental access, distruction, copying, distribution or other unauthorized actions performed by the third parties.
5.6. Website Administration along with the User takes all measures needed to prevent financial losses or other negative outcomes caused by the loss or disclosure of the User's personal data.

6.1. The User is obliged to:
6.1.1. provide the information on personal data needed for the Website use;
6.1.2. update provided information on personal data in case this information changes.
6.2. Website Administration is obliged to:
6.2.1. use provided information exclusively for the purposes stated in p.4 of present Privacy Policy;
6.2.2. ensure personal data storage in secret, not disclose without preliminary written consent stated by the User, as well as not sell, exchange, publish or perform any other mean of disclosure of the User's obtained personal data, exept for the cases stated in p. 5.2. and 5.3 of present Privacy Policy;
6.2.3. take security measures for the protection of the User's personal data according to the way usually utilized for the protection of such information in existing business turnover;
6.2.4. block personal data referring to selected User immediately after an inquiry or request by the User, their legal representative, or the organization responsible for protection of personal data subjects' rights during the audit, in case inaccurate personal data or unlawful actions were detected.

7.1. Website Administration holds full responsibility for the financial loss caused to the User by the unlawful use of personal data according to the Russian Federation state law, exept for the cases stated in p. 5.2., 5.3. and 7.2 of present Privacy Policy.
7.2. In case of loss or disclosure of theConfidential information Website Administration does not hold responsibility, if such information:
7.2.1. became public domain prior to loss or disclosure;
7.2.2. was obtained from a third party prior to being received by Website admonostration;
7.2.3. was disclosed with consent of the User.

8.1. Prior to addressing a court with a claim of dispute that has occurred from the relationship between the User and Website Administration a written complaint (written proposal of voluntary dispute settlement) is obligatory.
8.2. The recipient of complaint notifies the author of the complaint of the complaint review results in written form in 30 days.
8.3. In case no settlement is achieved between the sides of the dispute, the dispute would be conveyed to judicial authority in accordance with current law of the Russian Federation.
8.4. Current law of the Russian Federation applies to this Privacy Policy and relations between the User and Website Administration.