• Evgeny
    Owner, Project Lead, CEO
    • 18 years in shisha industry
    • RSSU honours degree in Social management
    • RSSU based PhD in Sociology
    • 9 years of partaking in tobacco law upgrades
    • Published over 10 articles on tobacco industry
    • Owns several registered patents in tobacco field
    • 10 years of experience in business negotiations and closing deals with brands like Nakhla, Afzal, Fumari, Adalya
    • «Person of the year 2021» by >Savinov Says
    • «Influencer of the year 2021» by JohnCalliano Awards
  • Alexander
    Executive director
    • 11 years in shisha industry
    • 15 years in marketing
    • Worked with Kuoni, Novartis, New Yorker, Sandoz, 2GIS, Sberbank Leasing
    • Owned a shisha outsource enterprise and G6 Smoke Lounge project
    • Owned MIND advertising agency
  • Anastasia
    Head of HR and recruiting projects
    • 7 years in shisha industry
    • Higher education in clinical psychology and staff management
    • 14 years in HR industry, leading positions in largest IT companies
    • Over 4000 expert interviews
    • «HR-brand of the year» by HeadHunter nominee
  • Polina
    Head of the Law Team, Project Manager
    • 5 years in shisha industry
    • Kutafin Moscow State Law University alumny
    • 6 years of experience in Russian and foreign companies
    • 3,5 years of communication with state authorities: from formal enquiries to crisis situation management
    • Third-generation lawyer
  • Ksenia
    Legal Advisor
    • Kutafin Moscow State Law University alumny
    • 5 years of experience in major production companies
    • Experience in communication with state authorities
    • Currently works with laws of Russia, CIS, EU, and more
    • 3 years of representing clients in court
  • Igor
    Finance and Tax Advisor
    • Degree in Accounting, analysis and audit by Budget and Treasury Academy of the Russian Ministry of Finance
    • 2 years of auditing
    • 10 years of experience in bookkeeping, tax and management accounting
    • 20 successful projects in bookkeeping, tax and management accounting arrangement and restoration
    • Expert in creating effective company function systems, which include tax strategy, tax risk evaluation, company expense minimization, business automation and anti-crisis measure elaboration
    • Extensive experience in communication and client representation in courts and regulatory authorities
  • Egor
    Lead Sales Manager
    • 8 years in shisha industry
    • 5 years in wholesale trade
    • RSUH Institute of Mass Media and Advertising alumny
    • Passed Cambridge FCE
    • Exported goods in over 20 countries including Israel, Indonesia, Qatar and Japan
    • Runs consulting projects, curates tobacco raw materials and nicotine sales
  • Georgiy
    Chief Editor
    • 8 years in shisha industry
    • 4 years in marketing
    • Expert on SMM- и SEO-copywriting
    • Writes and edits our content: posts, articles, reviews, press releases, news, content for advertising and media
  • Daria
    • Degree in Journalism by HSE
    • 3 years of experience in advertising and marketing
    • Content creation for international brands and state companies
    • Writes and edits our content for the website and social media, translates science articles and official documents
  • Anton
    Head of Design
    • Moscow Polytechnic University alumny
    • 5 years of experience in graphic design
    • Product design and identity for hookah brands
    • Designs our content, creates infographics and other visual materials for our website and social media
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